11 tips to help sell your home

Here are our top tips to help sell your home – and they may just increase the value too!

1. Keep your entrance smart

It’s worth tidying up the front of your entrance and getting rid of any clutter. Re-paint the front door to a welcoming shade such as a pale green, and put a couple of plant pots on either side of your door to cheer it up. Get rid of any dust around the door too.

A smart entrance can make a huge difference when selling your home.

2. Clean the windows and gutters

Pay for someone to professionally clean the windows and the gutters and make them sparkle. The clean windows will also make a huge difference form the inside too!

3. Keep everything neutral

If you have bold colours particularly in your hall area and lounge, paint them in a neutral tone. Prospective owners want a blank canvas where they can visualise themselves in the property or consider how they would like to decorate it. Bold colours will overwhelm them if they are not to their taste.

4. Clean from top to bottom

Either by yourself or pay a cleaner to get every inch of your home spick and span. It makes such a bad impression if the house is even slightly grubby so really make sure you clean it and stay on top of it whilst your home is being viewed.

5. De-clutter

Get rid of any clutter lying around surfaces and really scale back on the number of personal belongings on show. Box these items up and store them in the loft, garage or in storage. This is also a great time to get rid of things before you move! Removing clutter will allow the prospective buyer to visualise themselves in the property whilst also making the space feel bigger.

De-clutter your space to make it easier to sell!

6. Be smart with your storage

One of the reasons people don’t buy a property is that the home doesn’t have enough storage. If you have loads of clothes that are bulging out of the wardrobes then put some in boxes and add them to your loft or in storage. Similarly, if you have too much furniture in a room, take some of it out and put it in storage too. Almost have too little furniture rather than more, to create a feeling of space.

7. Does your furniture fit?

If you love your super king size bed but find it takes over the room, consider storing it for a short while and renting a smaller bed. This might not be ideal whilst you sell but will make your bedroom appear much larger.

8. Ensure there is plenty of light

If your home feels dull, consider adding some additional lamps or changing your lights. You want your home to feel bright and airy, so make sure it is lit well. Also add plenty mirrors around your home to add to the light and airy feel.

9. Tidy the garden

Make sure your grass is cut and not overgrown with plants. Potential buyers will like to see something that they can either work with or that is low maintenance, not a jungle that is out of control and is too big a project. Most people love being outdoors in the summer and entertaining friends and family, so try and help them visualise this dream.

10. Update the curtains

Curtains can really impact the amount of light that is coming into the property. If you have old dull curtains then switch them out for light blinds. They will make the room feel bigger and less cluttered too.

11. Make it feel homely

Homeowners like to buy in to a lifestyle, so make sure you brighten up sofas with cushions and throws, add some flowers around your home and also add a fresh scent too. This will make it feel really inviting too and a really simple update.