We love following renovators on Instagram and watching their project progress – from the excitement before the work begins, the decisions and work throughout and eventually sharing their dream home!

We catch up with Panayoita who we have been following on Instagram (check out Door No. 10 for Panayoita’s Insta account!), who shares with us where she is in her current project and gives her advice for anyone starting out. Panayoita is converting her home to improve the size of the rooms and flow of the house, creating a more sociable and practical living space. We can’t wait to see the end result in our gallery in a few months time! Thank you Panayoita!

Who lives here?

We don’t currently live in the property as we started to renovate the day we received the keys, but it will be my husband and myself living in the property once it’s complete.

What changes are you making to your home?

At first we thought we would make only minor changes and then before you knew it, our property was back to bricks!

We wanted to make the bathroom bigger so we have taken the water tank out, removed the en-suite and the main bathroom and knocked all of the walls down to make the bathroom into one big space. We are going to have a shower and a bath in this space.

Bathroom & en-suite knocked through to create one large bathroom

We have also change the entire space downstairs. Before the work the property had a very small entrance hall, then you were straight into the living/diner and the stairs were visible. We have built a big hallway by making the living room smaller and then have knocked all the walls down to create an open living, diner and kitchen area.

From minor changes to this!

Some inspiration for the new bathroom!

What are you enjoying the most about your renovation project?

I did an interior design course for 3 years at college so it’s great putting that into use. The most enjoyable part is watching my vision come to life. Don’t get we wrong, we are not extending and our house isn’t big but it’s great to see what you can do with such little space. I would call myself the spender as my job is to spend the money! And of course I love being the project manager and interior designer.

What has been your biggest challenge to date?

One thing i would say is be organised, I am an events manager and usually so good at organising but renovating was something new to me. Being a project manager is very hard as you are always dealing with tradesmen who can be unreliable. For example, our project has been delayed by 6 weeks because of plumbers.

What are you proudest about so far?

My husband has been absolutely amazing. He leaves the house at 5.30am for work, does his day job then goes to the house till 9-10pm every night doing building work.

What do you know now that you wish you knew at the start?

I wish I joined the Instagram home world a lot earlier as I’ve had so much advice from what i call my “Insta friends”.

One thing i would also really push if you’re new to this is be organised. Before you go into your project, get every trade person round – the builder, plumber, electrician, tiler, plasterer, carpenter, window fitter – every trade that you need and get quotes. Put all of this in a spreadsheet (I love a spreadsheet!) and have people lined up for the job. I’ve had so much trouble finding good tradesmen that I would say do not do anything without doing all of the research and quotations.