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    A lot of clients come to us unsure of regulations on restoring sash windows. Below is some useful advise and tips for those looking to restore and maintain their windows:

    There are two main elements to a sliding sash window: the box, which is fitted into the walls; and the sashes, which are the two glazed frames that move up and down. Dependant on the condition of your window, there are a couple options.

    1. Full restoration (where the sashes and frames need to be restored/replaced. Usually draught proofing is added to increase the energy efficiency of the window. Dependant on the building’s listing, double glazing can also be added)

    2. Draught Proofing ( can be added to existing sashes and frames in good condition. A groove is routed out along the central length of the top rail of the upper sash. The draught-proof carrier is placed within the groove and hard wearing weatherproof brushes are slid into the carrier. These brushes provide a seal between the upper sash and the top of the sash box, eliminating any draughts when the window is closed. This same process is repeated on the lower sash. The process is unobtrusive and does not alter the traditional character of the sash windows.)

    3. New Sashes for Exiting Frames ( Where new sashes are crafted to be fitted into existing window frames. Draught proofing is also added.)

    We’ve been restoring and crafting heritage sash windows in Bath and Bristol for a long time and by making sash windows in the traditional way, with full mortise and tenon joints, we ensure our joinery looks exactly how the original architect of the home intended.

    We only use hardwood or Accoya® for our sashes, which means we offer up to fifty-year guarantees on our work. For homes in conservation areas we use specialist 11mm thick glass that is generally approved by English Heritage.

    If you have any other questions and are looking for more advise, please feel free to contact us on 01225 920900 or visit us on http://www.bathbespoke.co.uk


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