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    We have the builders lined up to start work on our new kitchen in the Spring and are now choosing everything. We can’t decide between a Corian kitchen worktop or quartz but are slightly swaying towards Corian. Help please!

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    Hi, we put in a new Kitchen 3 years ago and went for a modern looking Kitchen so choose white Corian, although more than we wante to spend the reult looks stunning. Also with everday hard use with three young children it has endured knives being dropped on it and Sharpies being drawn on it and it still looks as good as the day it was put in, the Coriancleaning kit does a great job.

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    Corian was in our kitchen when we moved in so we didn’t choose it but it looks great. The previous owners carved the sink from it too which looks really smart. I would go Corian as it naturally flows and you don’t have joins the way you do with quartz.

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    They are both different looks….quartz can have more pattern and texture and is more of a shiny granite finish, where as Corian is really modern and smooth looking. I believe Corian is marginally more expensive but probably not much in it.

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    We love our quartz but I wanted a textured look with some detail. If you don’t want a pattern then I would opt for Corian – it really gives you a smooth modern look.

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    We’ve finished quite a few of our kitchens in Corian and they do look and perform really well. You can see an example here >> https://www.bathbespoke.co.uk/portfolio/green-shaker-kitchen/

    Silestone is another really good counter top material. It comes in a wide variety of designs and mimics the look of marble. An example would be something like this >> https://www.bathbespoke.co.uk/portfolio/shaker-kitchen-marble-flooring/

    Hope this help


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