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    Our builder is suggesting we use k-rend instead of normal render. Can anyone explain the benefits? Is K-rend more expensive than sand and cement per SQM? Is there much difference for labour rates? Cheers

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    We have k-rend on our house and its been on 6 years now and it looks really grubby. common problem is algae growing on it which at some point will need to be cleaned and will probably cost a good few hundred quid. its a bit annoying as they advertise it as maintenance free.

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    Biggest issue is the mould and the coloured render brands do sell products but I’m not sure how effective they are. Builders do seem to like applying it. I imagine it will be slightly cheaper for labour but overall the cost will be more due to the expensive product.

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    I would steer clear. There are some near us and they look awful about 5 years on. With standard render you can just re-paint to freshen it up.

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    Our neighbours applied it but they applied it over a couple of days and the wall looks like two slightly different shades. I think it’s pricey too.

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