Our guide to natural carpets

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Natural fibre carpets remind us of tropical living and are a stylish choice for your home. The four main types of natural carpets are Sisal, Seagrass, Jute and Coir, all of which are 100% sustainable plants therefore make an environmentally choice of flooring. Natural carpets are a better option than wool for allergy sufferers too as

What is the best type of carpet underlay?

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When buying a new carpet it's important that you also replace the underlay - good underlay will make a difference to the life and performance of your carpet. The right kind of underlay will help with soundproofing, insulation and cushioning of the carpet, so make sure you get it right! We have picked some of

5 of the best hard wearing hall carpet

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The hallway takes the most traffic in your home - it's where friends will stand and chat and children run in with muddy shoes. If you want the cosy and inviting look of a carpet rather than tiles or wood, it's so important that you choose the best hard wearing hall carpet that will take

Everything you need to know about solid wood flooring

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Nothing can quite compare to beautiful solid wood flooring in your home. Solid wood adds warmth and character and looks great with age - often adding to the charm. We caught up with Woodpecker Flooring who filled us in on everything from caring for solid wood to how much you should expect to pay. Your Home Renovation:

Your guide to kitchen flooring

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There is so much choice now when choosing a new kitchen floor that you can find the perfect flooring for your style of kitchen and budget. With much to consider including comfort, maintenance and look, here is our handy guide. Solid wood Solid wood is a timeless choice for your kitchen floor and will last

Expert advice – everything you need to know about engineered wood flooring

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Engineered wood is a beautiful and natural choice of flooring. With such a wide range of timbers, pattern and finish now available, it is becoming an increasingly popular choice throughout the home. We caught up with The Natural Wood Floor Company to tell us some more about engineered wood. Your Home Renovation: What are the benefits of

Your guide to the best type of carpet underlay

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Carpet underlay is a fundamental part of a new carpet and should never be overlooked. It’s recommended to buy new underlay when you replace your carpet, rather than using the existing underlay. The best type of carpet underlay will provide thermal insulation, reduce noise, make the carpet feel softer underfoot and will help the carpet last longer

5 of the best parquet floors

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Parquet flooring has had a huge resurgence over the past few years. With so many patterns and finishes available, you really can find the perfect floor to suit your home and budget. We picked our very favourites for you to swoon over! 1. Oak Aged Oiled Parquet Block, The Natural Wood Floor Company We love how warm and

Your guide to buying a new carpet

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Your home can be given an instant makeover by replacing an old, tired carpet with something new and soft underfoot. Choosing a new carpet can be baffling when there are so many different factors to consider including the fibre, pile and mix. So if you don't know your woven from your tufted, here is our simple

5 gorgeous stair carpet runners

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Stair carpet runners can make a great feature, adding some colour or pattern to your hallway. We often see these in period homes where they are really popular, but a stunning runner can look great in any style of home. Here are our 5 favourite stair carpet runners to give you some inspiration: Bold stripes Roger Oates have

Expert advice – everything you need to know about vinyl flooring

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Vinyl flooring is becoming increasingly popular in modern homes, with a huge choice of finish from bright tiles to a wooden look. It is also extremely hardwearing which makes it a great option throughout your home, particularly if you have children or pets. To understand more about vinyl flooring, we caught up with Alice Dunbar, Marketing &

Our 5 favourite picks for walnut flooring

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At Your Home Renovation, we have always adored the scandi interior. We love pales greys, white walls and a minimalist look. But there is also something appealing about beautiful walnut flooring teamed with bright white walls to give a sophisticated look. Here are our favourites. Sophisticated parquet flooring The Natural Wood Flooring Company is always one of

Our top picks in scandi looking flooring

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Whilst searching for wooden scandi flooring for our downstairs, I fell in love with Dinesen Douglas Fir. The Dinesen Lye finished in Floor Soap White creates a classy Scandinavian look and would feature in my dream home. Unfortunately for us this was out of our price range (way out!), so I set about trying to

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