One of the things we love about kitchen extensions is that they can completely transform a house. A once dark and dated kitchen can turn into a wonderfully bright and spacious entertaining space. With some careful planning and tricks, you can ensure that even a dull north facing kitchen can be transformed into something quite spectacular!

Maximise the light from above

Windows in the roof can bring in up to 3 times the amount of light than a standard vertical window, so this is a great way to brighten up your space.

Sky lights are a cost effective way of introducing the light from above in your kitchen extension and will give the illusion of more space – skylights look particularly great in a contemporary kitchen extension.

Roof lanterns are the perfect option if you are going for a more traditional look and are perfect teamed with a classic shaker kitchen.

Concrete kitchen worktops

Sky lights introduce so much light into a contemporary kitchen extension. Image Source Haus Concrete Surfaces.

Create feature windows

Be bold by adding a floor to ceiling glass window, which can turn and empty spot into a feature. The example below in this Victorian extension shows how a tall window at the kitchen sink can be a striking feature both inside and out, whilst allowing more light to flow in.

Tall windows and bi-folding doors allow so much light to flow into this Victorian extension. Image source IQ Glass.

Glaze the gables

Utilise the space you have between the gable and either the bi-folding doors or sliding doors. Not only will this create a design feature but it will introduce light in an otherwise wasted space. This can look good in either traditional or contemporary schemes – particularly if you maximise the size of the glass panel.

Glazed gables allow so much light to flow into this rear extension. Image source Express Bi-Folding Doors.

Consider a glass box extension

Glass box extensions are the ultimate way to introduce more light in your kitchen extension as all of the walls and roof are made from glass. They are super modern in design but can look striking as part of a period extension too.

Check out our expert advice on planning a glass extension for more ideas!

Glass box extension by IQ Glass

A striking glass box extension against. Image source IQ Glass.

Incorporate a glass ceiling in a side return

Side return extensions can be very dark in nature as you will likely sacrifice at least one window to the side of you house. A full glass ceiling will allow as much of the light as possible in your extension whilst adding a modern look. Or consider going for modular skylights which will give the effect of a glass ceiling whilst also providing effective ventilation.

Modular skylights from Velux