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    We are knocking through from our lounge to the kitchen and creating a large open plan kitchen/diner and family room. The wall that needs to be taken down is a load bearing wall so we need to submit to building regs.

    I had thought we would get an architect to do this but they are quoting £1,500 for drawings and to submit to building control.

    We are useless at this kind of thing so want to get someone to do it for us but do we need to pay those fees?

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    We ended up going straight to a structural engineer who did the drawings for us and submitted to control. Your builder will use those too. We paid about £400 for a building consultant to do them.

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    Only go with an architect if the job is a big one. It sounds like what you want is straight forward to do so don’t pay over the odds. Find a local structural engineer or planner to complete the drawings and planning for you.

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    £1,500 is a reasonable price for an architect – you are paying an hourly rate for them to come to your home, then do the drawings and submit the plans. It’s more of a question that you don’t actually need them if you have a strong idea of the design and it’s a small project. We involved the architects when we wanted a modern extension and needed ideas on lighting, flow and aesthetics.

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    Go straight to a structural engineer – your project is too simple and you won’t need planning either. A good building will be able to work off of the drawings with the calcs.

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    £400 is quite cheap – expect to pay around £500 for someone to do the drawings for you and submit the plans. ask around in your area for a reputable firm and make sure they have insurance too.

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